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Too Many Fragmented Systems Break Business Models

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Imagine this...

A solution for all your channels, whether in-store, online, wholesale, retail, non-traditional, pop-up or virtual commerce. We did.

Effortless Integration, Unmatched Simplicity. Experience streamlined operations, centralized control, and comprehensive visibility across all your commerce activities.

How NicklPay Helps



Whether you're selling in-store with our free point-of-sale application, online through our auto-generated web portal, or even through your own branded NicklPay mobile app. Reach your customers on your own terms with NicklPay.



Manage your warehouse bins and rows with the NicklPay inventory app with product and bin/row inquiries



Built in invoicing platform with dynamic promotional rules and bundling strategies with availability of tiered pricing for customer accounts



Generate purchase orders for suppliers, track and accept bill of lading into the NicklPay inventory application



Accounts tracking with payment processing, processor integrations, and free ACH transfers



Track and create pick lists from NicklPay and keep your clients informed with shipment tracking with automated informative emails

It's not magic, but it feels like it

Manage everything, everywhere, all at once

Straight out of the box and without any hardware, we help you connect with your upstream and downstream partners while helping you flex your commerce muscle in a way that fits your needs.


One platform that grows with you

The power of simplicity

Setting up and managing different solutions, and hoping they integrate with one another can be challenging. That’s why we created a one-stop shop to set you up for success, one transaction at a time.


No business is the same

The power of flexibility

Designed to meet you where you are. Our platform provides you with the tools, features, and support needed to compete in todays marketplace

Platform Features

Quick Start and Support

Once signed up, we help with an easy-to-follow onboarding program, while also providing you with support resources.


Whether for customer support or technical service, we're here when you need us. Call, chat or email us anytime.

API Integration

All NicklPay functions are REST API linked for unlimited integration possibilities.

Sell Anywhere

The Nickl™ platform allows you the flexibility to market to your customers, regardless of where they are or on any device.

Secured & Trusted

All information is protected by our US-Based PCI-Compliant System, providing a trusted tool for all your transactions.

Put Nickl™ to work for you!

Manage the frontend through the backend seamlessly to manage your product and catalog distribution

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